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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Twitter, A Teenager's Perspective

With hundreds of millions of accounts, and over 150 million tweets every day, Twitter is vital for the survival and marketing of many businesses, maybe even yours? But what are the real benefits of using a Twitter account for business?

With nearly 1 million users signing up for twitter each day, the audience is huge. This can help your tweets become amplified by retweets and replies, thus engaging an even wider audience. Due to the 140 character limit, it ensures that you keep your tweets ‘Short and Sweet’ and therefore, leading your customers on to a link of your personal site or blog, where they can continue reading the article or news..

With a personal touch, your twitter account can become very successful, as people relate to the topics, and enable customers to communicate on a more personal level. Twitter is a multi-platform social networking site, which incorporates the use of mobile users and home users, making the twitter community massive.

It’s a free tool, which requires no paid subscription; therefore, businesses are not limited to a small community of users. If you have a large amount of followers, it is easier to give them a message in a few seconds via a click, rather than using other expensive communication methods.

Everything happens in real time, so businesses can read messages seconds after they are posted. Companies in effect can handle queries within seconds, and be part of twitters active community.

My Personal Verdict

As a teenager, social networking remains an important part of my day to day life. I have used many social networking sites, but one question remains in my mind… is Twitter better than Facebook?

At this point in time, I will say it is.

Social Networking is extremely popular, as the people you know create the content. In reality, the only reason you join a social networking site, is to meet new people, or to see people you know. As a resident in the UK, many of my friends have migrated from Facebook to twitter, but why?

Having made my twitter account a few years ago, before the current ‘hype’ of tweeting, my account remained dormant, and inactive, as the only reason I signed up was (funnily enough) to chat to my grandmother, who is an absolute techie.

As I was a very active Facebook user in the past, I would read comments and do everything that the average user would do on Facebook. However, I then began to see comments which were posted, from twitter.

That’s how I migrated, and although I check my Facebook every day and night for notifications, which I never receive anyway, I can honestly say that I am more active on twitter, tweeting, and looking at tweets. Although people say that twitter users are extremely pro-active, I have found that when you tweet to important people, they never respond, and seem to ‘ignore’ you. For me, Facebook is extremely populated with adverts, as I have accidentally clicked on the links on numerous occasions. On twitter, I don’t have to worry about advertising, as it is subtle.

Ok, so on Facebook there is not a 140 character limit, or any limit on inbox messages, but if I look at many of my friend’s timelines, I mainly see apps posting, and not my friends.. The timeline feature on Facebook is not too great either, I mean, why do I want to look back to 3 years ago? What if I get a job and my boss sees something 5 years ago, which could jeopardise my career?

On the other hand, when I followed a large amount of people, I got over 40 spam Direct messages, which certainly annoys me. The limits on twitter should be removed, but would I want to see a huge chunk of writing on my home page? Probably not..

I will conclude, that Twitter is the social networking site that fulfils most of my needs, however, on occasions spam and advertising does seem to take over the social networking experience.

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